Brainstorm for digital math storytelling

Research plans, as discussed earlier, should be conducted online. I often receive onCampus Weekly emails that one of the news is the deadline to have at least a first dose or obtain an approved exemption is Oct. 15. This clearly illustrates the increasing spread of Covid, so that the most likely option is to take data virtually. In addition, a digital math storytelling camp such as the one that was held in summer 2021 can continue for next summer.

OSU digital math storytelling camp

If it is held online, I will try to contact Indonesian community and some graduate students from Indonesia who have children with United States citizenship. I have asked Tryanti Abdulrahman for her consent to record a digital math storytelling video. She has a 4th-grade and 5th-grade elementary school daughters.

Honestly, I am still wondering about outfit math video from June 28 camp; why not interview students who have recorded their video about their own videos so that researchers can find out why some students did not mention fractions or numbers directly in their video. In my experience in Indonesia, some students do not like to discuss mathematics because mathematics is a source of anxiety. With this interview, we use a narrative that is different from traditional research, and students reveal what they think about mathematics and their past experiences that make them like/dislike mathematics and did not put numbers in their videos. Perhaps this is not one of the research purposes, but it looks like it will be interesting to reveal and will be different from traditional research

narrative storytelling

I have never tried WeVideo, Flipgrid, and Discord. I have only ever used Kinemaster for editing my YouTube channel videos. I use Kinemaster because it is the simplest app for video editing, especially for beginners like me. However, I tried registering to WeVideo, Flipgrid, and Discord. WeVideo is a video editing app. The way it works is similar to Kinemaster. However, in my opinion, it is still easier to use Kinemaster than WeVideo. Flipgrid has more features and is easier to use than WeVideo. For Crypto, I only know that this app is commonly used by Crypto community in Indonesia. Discord is similar to WhatsApp that can send chat, pictures, audio, video. It is an excellent app for group discussions. It has a different function from WeVideo and Flipgrid. If researchers can only focus on one app, I think the best app is Flipgrid.

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